Shell Based Systems (only Accessible via an SDF shell account)

Most of these systems have been in daily use since our start as a BBS in 1987 notes - send an 'at login time' displayed notification to a user msg - send an instant message to a user across SDF systems (Based on TOPS-20 SEND) bboard - a threaded multi discussion bulletin board com - a multi room interactive chat (Based on TOPS-20 COMMODE) oneliner - a oneline message (anonymous) happening - an anonymous journal

Web Based Systems (these are enabled via the 'maint' command at the shell) - Mastodon / GNU Social - Pixelfed (Image Sharing) - PeerTube (Video Sharing) - An Online Classroom for Electronic Learning - An Image Gallery - Wordpress Blogging for the UNIX savvy - URL Shortening Service - Private MineCraft Server